Fractional / Interim Design + Product Leadership.

Transform your product from mediocre to magnificent.

Hello, I’m Adam Babajee-Pycroft — A design and product leader working with tech startups to create value and level up their design, UX research and product teams.
I'm available on a fractional or interim basis.

Paul Bentham
Chief Product & Technology Officer

Adam has a wide range of talents that he brought to the company, all of which he combined to drive the user experience of the product forward.

He helped launch multiple new products while maintaining a coherent enterprise platform.

His agility and flexibility, which meant he continuously put the business first with the attitude that no job was too big or small for him.

Adam was in the engine room of everything that Immersive built in the last four years. His productivity and output are second to none.

Arian Massoudi
Senior Director, Sales Engineering

Adam's passion for enhancing the user experience in every product is truly exceptional.

We collaborated on several projects, including the implementation of a customer feedback workflow and mapping of the customer journey, where Adam's dedication and creativity were instrumental in achieving remarkable results.

His ability to empathize with users and translate their needs into exceptional design solutions is truly impressive. Adam is a valuable asset to any business and team.

Joe Ring
Lead UX Designer

Adam is an exceptional leader who possesses a combination of skills that make him standout.

Under his guidance, our team consistently delivered outstanding results. His leadership style fosters creativity, collaboration, and innovation, creating an environment where everyone feels motivated to do their best work.

His attention to detail and commitment to delivering top-notch designs are second to none - something that truly empowered the team to own and drive the design of the product. Furthermore, his ability to align design initiatives with broader business objectives is a testament to his strategic acumen.


Design Transformation

Embarrassed to demo your product?

Outgrown your old design?

Don't worry, I've got you covered. With my battle-tested approach and 17 years of experience, I can help your organisation navigate the treacherous waters of redesigns. Together, we'll turn your design from mediocre to magnificent. No more alienating customers or frustrating developers.

Let's transform your software to align perfectly with your brand and market positioning.

Improving Impact

Feeling like your design is missing the mark?

New features not gaining traction with customers?

You need a user-centred design that delivers real value. But executing the process effectively can be a challenge for many teams.

I'll troubleshoot product and business problems, leaving you with a repeatable process that delivers results.

Let's make sure your design hits the bullseye every time.

Unlocking Performance

Worried your design team isn't living up to its potential?

Poor communication, siloed mentality, and the loss of key talent?

It's time for a change. I'll provide the leadership needed to make sure your design operating model is fit for purpose.

Together, we'll create a collaborative partnership that maximises your return on investment in design, research, product management, and engineering.Say goodbye to design theatre and hello to standing ovations.

Navigating Change

Restructures, reductions in force, mergers and other major changes are never easy. But with the right design leadership, you can navigate through them successfully.

I'll lead a strategic review of your design, research, and product organisations, providing advice and support for difficult decisions.

As the changes are implemented, I'll ensure continuity of delivery, helping you retain key talent and embed new ways of working.Let's get through this together.

Who is Adam BP?

Meet Adam.

A senior leader with 17 years of experience. Most recently scaled product design at a VC Backed Cybersecurity SaaS product from playful startup to a mature enterprise platform. Proven strategic influence, effective communication, product strategy, design and research leadership.. 

Track record

  • Led the design, research and product strategy nearly 4 years as Immersive Labs scaled rapidly from a small startup to 100,000 users across the world's largest organisations.
  • Delivered commercially successful digital products for over 50 clients including national and global brands and B2B SAAS startups.
  • Increased lead acquisition by 222% across the UK BMW retailer websites.
  • Delivered an Ecommerce award winning redesign for National Trust.

Fractional Or Interim?


Engage me a few hours to a few days a week, part time as an advisor.

My focus will vary depending on your business needs but can include accountable leadership, taking on specific projects or mentoring and coaching the design team.

This flexible model can adapt depending on  your business needs.


When engaged as an Interim Design Leader, I work 4-5 days a week taking full accountability for the design, research and user experience functions of your business. This can include people management, practical design leadership and participation in the senior leadership team.

Usually I’ll report to a Chief Product Officer, CTO or CEO depending on your stage of growth.

Frequently Asked Questions


What’s your approach to leadership?


What would your job title be?
Who would you report to?

When should I consider a fractional or interim Design Leader?

When you're not sure whether you need a design leader
When you're building a product or design team from scratch
When it's time to shake up your organisation
When there's an opportunity on the horizon, but it's still fuzzy
When you need specialised knowledge that's MIA in-house
When you need to avert disaster or right the ship
When your organisation is in the midst of a major makeover
When your departing Design Leader leaves a void
When you no longer have time to lead Design
When your current design leader needs some TLC
When you're not quite sure what kind of Design Leader you need
When a short-term initiative needs a steady hand
When your design leader goes on maternity or parental leave

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